Inventory Manager

Full Time
Delhi NCR & Jaipur
Posted 2 months ago

Job Description:

  1. Inventory Control: Manage the entire inventory of the warehouse, ensuring accurate counts, proper storage, and efficient organization of goods. Implement inventory management software systems to track stock levels and movements .Ensure inventory level maintain up to 100%.
  2. Stock Replenishment: Monitor inventory levels and forecast demand to ensure timely replenishment of stock. Coordinate with suppliers to place orders and ensure on-time delivery of goods.
  3. Quality Control: Implement quality control procedures to ensure that all incoming and outgoing goods meet quality standards. Conduct regular inspections and audits to identify and address any issues with product quality or expiration dates.
  4. Space Optimization: Strategically plan and optimize warehouse space to maximize storage capacity and efficiency. Implement shelving systems, aisle layouts, and inventory rotation techniques to minimize waste and improve accessibility.
  5. Inventory Accuracy: Conduct regular cycle counts and reconciliation processes to maintain accurate inventory records. Investigate and resolve any discrepancies between physical inventory and system records.
  6. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed records of inventory transactions, including receipts, shipments, and adjustments. Generate reports on inventory levels, turnover rates, and other key performance indicators for management review.
  7. Scheduling and Coordination: Coordinate with other departments, such as purchasing, logistics, and operations, to ensure seamless flow of goods through the warehouse. Develop and maintain effective communication channels to facilitate coordination and resolve issues promptly.
  8. Compliance and Safety: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards governing the handling and storage of grocery products. Implement safety protocols and training programs to promote a safe working environment for warehouse staff.
  9. Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains within the inventory management system. Implement best practices and innovative solutions to enhance productivity and reduce cost

Education: Minimum Graduation

Experience: 5 – 7  yrs

Job Category: Operations

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Job CategoryOperations

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