Inplant Operations

Improving business efficiency by handling non-core processes for them

KDL is focused on providing optimized in-plant operations, to help businesses focus on their core offering. We believe in providing customized solutions that are uniquely designed as per the customer's needs. In-plant operations usually refer to the movement of raw materials, components, and finished goods either from or to storage areas. It also includes managing finished goods after they come out of the production line.
KDL In-plant operations cater to the movement of Raw Materials, Packaging Materials & Finished Goods within and beyond the manufacturing premises of customers. Based on the client needs, our team identifies the gaps and provides optimum solutions that will eventually improve client’s lead time, increase efficiency and save costs to the company.
Other than the logistics, we also support businesses by handling their warehouse management, customer service and contract manufacturing.
As part of KDL’s in-plant operations services, we provide
  1. Layout designing of storage area.
  2. Deployment of MHE.
  3. Setting and implementing technology tools like WMS/ TMS/MIS.
  4. Optimizing material storage with storage technology.
  5. Mechanized solution for safe and efficient storage and retrieval.
  6. Manage the scheduling, distribution and transportation of raw material and finished goods.
  7. Bundling and kitting of products.
  8. Track Parent and baby SKU codes post bundling/kitting activities.
  9. Receipt, inventory control, storage and feed the raw material for the manufacturing process.
  10. Updating the purchase department about stock levels, raw material quality and packaging.
  11. Management and disposal of used packing material.
  12. Packaging and Labelling.
  13. Implementing technology solutions to provide complete visibility to the client.
  14. Returns Management.
KDL is a leading 3PL company in India with strong in-plant operations expertise. Our clientele spans across various industries like Lubricants & Paints, Auto & Industrial, Wires and electrical, FMCG and many more.

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