Our promise to future generations

At KDL, our commitment to sustainable logistics is a driving force behind everything we do. We understand that the world is changing, and a lot of it has to do with the way businesses have been running in the past. For the safety of our future generations, there is a collective need to relook at business operations and take significant and urgent steps today.

KDL has been fortunate to work with partners that have proactively detailed a Sustainability Charter. As 3PL partners, we undertake multiple initiatives to help our clients advance in their Sustainability Pledge regarding – the environment, society and economy.

UN Sustainability Development Goals





Sustainable Transportation

One of our proudest initiatives is the integration of electric vehicles (EVs), CNG vehicles, Eutectic Cold Chain Vehicles – Electrically charged panels (PCM Technology) vehicles into our fleet. By making this transition, we’re reducing our carbon footprint, contributing to cleaner air, and leading the way towards a greener future for logistics. But we don’t stop there.

Sustainable Power Generation and Conservation

In our pursuit of sustainability, we’ve harnessed the power of the sun by installing solar panels across our facilities. This renewable energy source not only reduces our dependence on traditional power grids but also helps us generate clean energy for our operations. All our warehouses are Energy Efficient. We pay special attention to our warehouse design to include maximum natural lighting and natural temperature reduction.

Tree Plantation

KDL warehouses undertake regular tree-plantation missions, with a commitment to replenish nature’s resources.


Optimized Operations

We are constantly fine-tuning our operations to minimise power, fuel, and resource consumption. Through optimization and innovative practices, we ensure that every step of our logistics process is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. We have installed motion sensor lighting, use battery operated MHE’s, and harness Automation & Technology to optimise our operations and reduce impact on the environment.

Work and Economic Growth

As a company policy, KDL encourages employees to have a learning mindset. We encourage our employees to continuously upskill themselves and apply their knowledge beyond traditional role definitions. This has helped employees follow their passion and grow professionally within the company – both laterally and vertically.

Inclusion and Diversity

KDL has always encouraged diversity in employee voices to ensure the company can grow at a sustainable pace. Apart from encouraging women to join the workforce, KDL is also open to employing people with disabilities. If you have the passion to work, we have a role for you.


Gender Equality

While the traditional women roles in 3PL sector have been limited to end of line packing roles or housekeeping, KDL decided to challenge the status quo and explore opportunities for women on the floor, driving MHE’s. We started with a pilot training and recruitment program and were thrilled by the enthusiastic response that we received. The only way forward is more women inclusion in the workforce.

Health and Wellbeing

As a business, we have always cared about our employee wellbeing. Be it regular health check-up’s, safety week, or support during the pandemic and other medical emergencies, our team knows that they can count on us. We have the maternity leave policy is in place for our female workforce and our staff is covered by Medical Insurance and ESIC.
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