In addition to our mainstream services we are a holistic service provider encompassing all the support services related to the supply chain domain. A brief description of all the services is given as follows:-

WMS: We provide a variety of Warehouse Management Systems including but not limited to the standalone, integrated systems. We have successfully converted our client’s horizontal facilities into vertically racked facilities for P&G and RB. This helped our clients to economize the operations & save their time and efforts.

FMS: Transportation is an integral and indispensable part of Supply Chain of any business. Therefore we own our dedicated fleet of transportation. We at KDSCS provide transportation for all legs, ranging from inbound, primary dispatches from factories to depots, secondary dispatches to distributors, home delivery, and reverse logistics. With the acquisition of our own fleets and tie-ups, we have been able to provide full support to the client’s needs.

ERP: All of the verticals of the supply chain in our client’s facilities are linked to centrally managed ERP systems. These ERP systems facilitate the clients in their decision making.

IT: We are the forerunners in IT domain. We provide our clients with the best of available technology & also upgrade them continuously. We provide all of the support systems like WMS, MIS, Telecomm, HHT etc.

Put to light: To simplify the complex requirements of retail warehouses or where the number of SKU’S & batches exceeds too much, the put to light technology is employed wherein the items get scanned according to the destinations or the order shipments.