KDSCS offers comprehensive supply chain solutions for the FMCG, food, apparel, and retail verticals. Our industry-ready customization center operations, warehouse management, and third-party logistics services enable accurate and efficient supply chain operations for your business.

Our team of experienced professionals uses proven methods to provide turnkey solutions for your supply chain requirements so that you attain higher efficiencies and develop sustainable cost advantages.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

We understand the challenges w.r.t perishable and non-perishable goods and develop customized logistics solutions by implementing leading-edge warehouse management systems like multi-level racking and automated components to enable effective last-mile delivery.

We have the capabilities for deploying specific monitoring methodologies and a last-mile fulfillment network to cut down the time-to-market and cost-to-market, thereby improving profitability and enhancing value for the end consumer.

KDSCS efficiently controls inventory levels, timing, and multi-channel marketing with its streamlined supply chain management solutions. We effectively address increased demand of customization with our swift end-to-end third-party logistics services.

We leverage our knowledge and follow industry best practices to provide robust solutions for distribution centers, inventory planning and audit, etc. These allow our clients to attain resource optimization, process efficiencies and cost-effectiveness - the most critical components of an e-commerce business.
Fashion and Apparels

We have the acumen and resources for addressing the complexities inherent to the apparel supply chain processes. We understand that multiplicity of SKUs, varying lead times, accuracy, a varying customer loyalty, availability bottlenecks and seasonal demands are the challenges that assume critical importance.

This is why we deploy a robust warehouse management system with state-of-the-art racking and palletization techniques to effectively cater to the needs of the apparels business. We can also extend our capacities to develop and implement customized supply chain solutions for delivering unmatched cost-advantages.
Customization Center Operations

Organizations across the globe face challenges related to market saturation and unpredictable demands. In such scenarios, an agile and demand-driven integrated logistics supply chain backend can allow them to leverage their core strengths.

Equipped with robust warehousing systems, the customization centers at KDSCS facilitate streamlined operations to mitigate time and cost pressures. Our in-house packaging services (like shrink-wrap, blister packaging), and various other customization operations allow us to extend comprehensive inventory management services.

The high level of complexities, regulatory requirements and shelf life related challenges in the food sector require customized logistics and supply chain solutions. Damages during transit, pilferage and inadequate packaging are some other challenges that the industry faces.

Our rich experience and proven techniques enable us to implement streamlined operations that effectively cater to the client’s specific requirements. We deploy efficient warehouse management solutions with advanced automated systems to develop a highly flexible and responsive supply chain for this sector.
Industrial Segment

Changing dynamics such as newer geographies, erratic demands, fickle loyalties and high-level of customization pose newer challenges for the industry. That is why KDSCS offers comprehensive solutions for the logistics requirements of the industrial segment. We understand that an efficient supply chain backend can pave the way for building competitive cost advantages.

KDSCS can develop integrated supply chain systems that effectively address challenges related to material procurement, inventory storage, freight forwarding and last-mile fulfillment, while supporting just in time manufacturing strategies.