We have continuously expanded our services portfolio to meet the demands of the industry. We now provide almost all kinds of supply chain services that are customizable.

Third Party Logistics

  • ► Inventory Management
  • ► Warehouse Facility (Customised / Ready to use)
  • ► Transportation (Primary/Secondary)
  • ► Order Management
  • ► Infrastructure Development
  • ► Material Management
  • ► Outbound Dispatches
  • ► Management Information System (MIS)
  • ► Transportation Management
  • ► Manpower Management
  • ► Record Keeping
  • ► Inventory Record Accuracy (IRA)
  • ► Reverse Logistics
  • ► Quality Control and Audit
  • ► Value-added Services
  • ► Customization
Warehouse Management Services

We offer start-to-end warehousing services that are customizable. Our experienced business solutions designing team develops robust warehousing management systems that provide flexible warehouse logistics and storage solutions.

Every client has a different logistics and storage requirement and we strive to deliver customized warehouse management solutions that meet these requirements. We provide warehouse management solutions with:

  • ► Automated operations with racking
  • ► Temperature controlled enclosures
  • ► Raw material handling
  • ► Finished goods handling
► Energy saving and environment friendly processes
Transportation Services

Transportation is an integral and indispensable part of the supply chain of any business. We at KD Supply Chain Solutions provide transportation for all legs.
Our own fleets and tie-ups with business partners, enable us to provide efficient and reliable freight transportation services.

Primary Transportation: We ship products from manufacturing plants to warehouses within and outside the region. We have acquired our own fleet that is capable of delivering end-to-end shipping logistics services using a mix of dedicated fleet of trucks, with 360° control on stock safety.

Secondary Transportation: Our transport and logistics service in this department has been our strength across various regions and states where we are present. We strive to provide flexible shipping services that meet the clients’ and their customers’ requirements.

Our understanding of the clients’ needs combined with our excellent knowledge of routes, enables us to provide customized services. Combining deliveries and multi-point drops with fluid ease has made us popular in this vertical.

Home Delivery System: On-time and accurate delivery is what makes us one of the most reliable and leading logistics organizations in India. We also have comprehensive home-delivery tracking mechanism across the country.

We deploy a dedicated team of trained customer service agents to get confirmation for last mile fulfillment, so that our customers enjoy quick and effective services.


Customization Center Operations

In addition to storing goods in our warehouses, we perform various customized operations and value-added services like packaging, quality check, etc to mitigate the overall cost. We deploy a specialized team to operate on product customization. Various packaging services like shrink wrap and blister packing are carried upon by the team in the customization centers. Our team’s primary focus is to manage the client’s inventory by eliminating transport time to the packaging facility. The products are assembled in the customization centers to suit local market downstream supply chain requirements.

Order Management Services

KD Supply Chain Solutions offers outsourced business process centre solutions, which connect the stock holding points to modern trade units. These centers supervise and manage logistics to ensure proper delivery of the order. We understand both the business process front and its application on the ground, and therefore are well-equipped to provide order management services.

Clients can monitor the stock movement through these centers, and even increase the fill rate of stock keeping units. Our dedicated staff is equipped to see through the clients requirements regarding order management.


Warehouse Construction Division

The right warehouse infrastructure can make all the difference. We have established ourselves in the warehouse construction field to cater to our clients’ warehouse management requirements in a holistic manner.

Having developed our own Integrated Logistics Park spanning 1.5 million sq. ft., we provide end-to-end third-party logistics solutions and services. We have constructed logistics parks in various places like:

  • ► Bhiwandi (Maharashtra)
  • ► Mandideep (Madhya Pradesh)
  • ► Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
We are also looking forward to setting up infrastructure in Gurgaon (NCR) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu).


Contract Logistics

At KD Supply Chain Solutions, we fulfil all your logistics and warehousing requirements by delivering all-round services, ranging from designing and planning to processing orders and collecting payments. Our comprehensive services include warehouse management systems, material management, resource management, transportation, etc.

Warehouse Network and Infrastructure

We have created our own Integrated Logistics Park at some of the strategic points across India, like Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), Mandideep (Madhya Pradesh) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). Our next focus is going to be Gurgaon (NCR) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

Special Feature: Bhiwandi Logistics Park

► Strategically located and very close to Mumbai city touching NH3
► Racked PEB structure
► State of the art logistics park with floor strength & roof quality build to suit customer
► Column less span of 150 feet, facilitating seamless movement of goods within the facility
► Exclusive parking facility for around 200 vehicles
► Separate entry and exit point for all warehouses
► Seamless IT connectivity
► Uninterrupted power supply

Integrated Distributed

We provide transportation upto the last mile. Ranging from inbound logistics to home delivery and reverse logistics, we offer integrated distribution services. Having acquired our own fleets and tie-ups, we ensure that all the clients’ requirements are met.

Knowhow and Expertise

We have gained significant knowledge in supply chain management because of our varied experience, and our determination to learn from every challenge that we face. Therefore, we follow a planned and technically sound approach, to tactically meet the client’s supply chain requirements.

Our staff goes through rigorous periodic training programs, so that they stay in touch with the latest trends in supply chain and logistics, and are equipped to deliver immediately.


Systems, People and Processes

We believe in keeping our systems dynamic & agile. This has been possible because of:

• Continuous interaction with the clients & understanding their ever evolving needs
• Our transparent approach to provide quick and responsive services
• Enrolling our staff for periodic training & motivation seminars

Technology And Automation

We stay abreast with the latest trends in technology and automation so that we can provide reliable services to our clients. All of our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.