How to choose a perfect logistics partner for your business?

Logistics is the word derived from the French word “Logistique”. It means the planning, organising, administrating and arranging for the transportation of goods from the origin to the destination. It is known backbone of supply chain. Logistics were there from the ancient time in different forms. Logistics services are an integral part of any supply chain management in almost all kinds of business activities. The fundamentals of logistics services involve designing, implementation, and regulation of forward and backward flow effectively and efficiently as well as storage of goods, imparting services and related information. The core activities of logistics services include shipping of raw materials, distribution, warehousing, and quick deliveries of end-products to consumers. Inbound and outbound logistics are the two-process involved in logistics services.

When you want to transit your goods from one place to another, the first step is to find trustworthy forwarders who can be your reliable partner. Finding reliable and good logistics company it is the most important mission in your business. And hence, this article highlights 7 factors to take into consideration while choosing your logistics provider.

  1. Check the background : When you want to hire a good logistics company, the first step is to check whether they are a reputed player in the market. One would not want to shake hands with a company whose market reputation is blotted due to certain actions. The pool of served and serving companies speak a lot silently about the Company.

  2. Whether authorized or not : There are many fraud companies in the market to provide 3PL service. It is better to check whether they have a proper license to provide the service or not.

  3. Experience matters : Experience plays a vital role when it comes to handling your valuable goods to a logistics firm. You need to be sure they have enough experience and skills to store, organize, manage, move and track your goods.

  4. Skilled/Specialized service : Technology-driven and skilled based warehousing and transportation service plays a substantial role in managing the logistics system effective and at an optimal level. It enables an enterprise in storing and process enabled allocation of delivery points, giving chronicle order and much more controlling over the logistics system. Technology enhances the tracking facility to track the shipment.

  5. Customer-Centric Approach : The customer-centric approach means it will add value and competitive advantages to the system. The customer-centric approach of a 3PL service provider helps an enterprise to get things done smoothly and at the same time helps in delighting the end customers whom the service is going to be rendered.

  6. Relationship : When you choose a logistics provider, you entrust them with your brand, so it is decisive to partner with a company that understands and accepts your company’s values, purpose and behaviors. The right logistics service provider for your business will get to know your needs and use their expertise of the industry to align their goals with yours. This will help both of you build trust, which is a critical factor in fostering quality business relationships and shared long-term success!

  7. CSR activities : CSR activity from any firm demonstrates that it's a firm that takes an interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact profit margins. Reputation Institute found that companies that invest in a strong reputation have the following results:

    • Better performance than the overall market

    • Reliable & safer services

    • Improved employee skills

    • Higher employee engagement and alignment

Indeed, investing in a logistics provider that will match your needs, help you satisfy your customers, enhance your brand image and can grow with you overtime is probably the best investment you can make to reach new heights with your business. With the increasing competition in today’s market, the requirement of logistics and supply chain management company is need of an hour. KD Logistics is one such prominent logistics service provider in India with over 15 years of experience.

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