In addition to storing goods in our warehouses, we perform various customized operations like promo packing, kitting, bundling (sachets), artwork development, quality checks etc.

We have developed an in-house capability and have a dedicated team for start-up of customization centres for product assembly and premarket customization. Our team’s primary focus is to manage the client’s inventory by meeting the daily production targets and dispatch the produce to market as per orders received on a daily basis. The success of customization centres lies in the factors below:

Stringent controls coupled with strong processes to ensure defect free products are shipped to market.
Very high emphasis on quality control as any defective product purchased by customer can result in a quality incident thereby negatively impacting the customer brand.
Quick turnaround & dispatch so products hit the market as soon as possible to minimize loss in sales.
Flexibility to change/modify customization options as per the needs of marketing teams.