Benefits of Using Transport Management System (TMS) in Supply Chain Industry

Just as any other business, SCM too is an ever-changing process. The actions of today, may not necessarily reflect the best practices for tomorrow. Transport management systems solve the most basic but important problem in the logistics industry i.e. Poor coordination, visibility, trace and track options, MIS. Transport Management Software revolutionizes the entire process of supply chain management. It performs several functions such as carrier selection, determination of routes and rates. There are quite a few misconceptions surrounding TMS, that it is too expensive to implement and it does not perform better than traditional systems. It is high time that these myths are busted and the benefits of implementing a TMS are realized. The ability to track more information surrounding transportation management offers additional benefits to 3PLs, carriers, and logistics service providers through new capabilities, powered by data. Significant benefits include:

  • COST-SAVING :TMS helps to provide transparency while the consignment moves from the origin to the destination in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Transport Management Softwares are designed for all modes as well as for intermodal transport. These systems offer myriad ways to save cost and add value to your product.

  • EASY DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL : : All stored documents in the system can be easily retrieved hence there is no need to go through the bulky files. This fosters better communication among the consignee, the shipper, the carrier, and third-party logistics provider.

  • CAPTURES APT DETAILS : TMS software captures all details with respect to carriers including their rates, tracking details and number of day-to-day transactions. It gives you a comprehensive visibility and enables your business to share the information with your customers.

A precise logistics management begins with the disposition of an advanced platform that will finally give carriers, shippers and logistics providers the information necessary to boost customer service levels. KD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is one such notorious logistics company in India which uses TMS for the better service delivery across the nation. Indeed, today’s good technology decides tomorrow’s victories.